San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí - Mexico

The roads in Mexico are available for you through our maps with roads and satellite images that show the distances, roads and geographical landscapes that lead you toward the condition of the contrasting environment, that is to say, San Luis Potosi. Here you will find from forests, springs, waterfalls and silver deposits, up to spas, corners with elegant neoclassical style and urban spaces that give an account of the great heritage and history of this beautiful corner of Mexico. Browse maps with satellite imagery and GPS.

Municipalities in San Luis Potosí

The only and the best way of knowing the marvels that the Mexican land possesses is traveling to its multiple tourist destinations and to be able to do it without get lost, you need a map that could guide to you appropriately, as well as show to you the main roads on your route of travel. Here you will find maps of the State, its municipalities and its main towns and settlements with satellite images.

In the following search box you can quickly locate any name of the municipalities of the State of San Luis Potosí; When you find it, click on the link to read more about that municipality.

Maps of San Luis Potosí in PDF for download

Here we provide you maps of Jalisco and its municipalities. You can choose to download the map names or map without names. These maps show the municipal division of the state according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).
These maps are in PDF format so you will need to have instaldo Acrobat Reader to open and print the files. Into the following link you can download free Acrobat Reader and also you will find instructions for his installation. Download Acrobat Reader

Full map of San Luis Potosí

Below you will find a geographic map of the state of San Luis Potosí with their main roads of communication. There is a table of distances of their main settlements population, federal and state highways, toll and the symbols of the main services. The most complete information monitored by the Department of Communications and Transport of Mexico.

This map is presented under the spirit of free access to information in a free way and with the aim of providing another source of diffusion..

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