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  • Date Sun, 18 Feb 2018 01:00 AM CST
  • temperature: 23 ºC
  • max: 33 ºC
  • min: 22 ºC
  • sunrise: 6:45 AM
  • sunset: 6:25 PM
  • humidity: 75 %
  • wind speed: 17.70 km/h
  • visibility: 25.91 km

Santa María Mixtequilla - Oaxaca

Find the detailed and updated information that you need to know on how to arrive to the municipality of Santa María Mixtequilla in Oaxaca and discover the advantages of having at your fingertips the 'Atlas of Travel of Mexico', with specifications on its location, roads, geographic coordinates, distances and weather.

Where is Santa María Mixtequilla?

The municipality is located in in the region of the Istmo of Tehuantepec in the southeast of Estado .

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Bordered north with Magdalena Tlacotepec, south to Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, west to Santa María Jalapa the Marqués and east by Santo Domingo Tehuantepec.

Geographical coordinates of Santa María Mixtequilla

16º 22’ of North latitude
95º 15’ of West latittude

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The area of Santa María Mixtequilla is 186.27 square Kilometers, which represents the 0.2% of the territory of the State.

  1. 1. Botanas Locas "Silvia Giron"
    Avenida Principal, Santa María Mixtequilla
  2. 2. Restaurant Fer
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  3. 3. Abarrotes La Guadalupana
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  4. 4. Carniceria Loliz
    Calle Miguel Hidalgo, Santa María Mixtequilla
  5. 5. Venta de Bolis Bolis Y Despensa "el Juancho"
    Santa María Mixtequilla
    Avenida Principal, Santa María Mixtequilla
  7. 7. Abarrotes Tita
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  8. 8. Depomix
    Benito Juárez 244, Santa María Mixtequilla
  9. 9. Miscelanea Juquilita
    Calle Morelos 333, Santa María Mixtequilla
  10. 10. Abarrotes Luis
    Avenida 16 de Septiembre 284, Santa María Mixtequilla
  11. 11. Taqueria " Chabelita"
    Avenida 16 de septiembre S/N ,Segunda Seccion, Santa Maria Mixtequilla, Oaxaca
  12. 12. Miscelanea Bety
    Primera de Juárez, Santa María Mixtequilla
  13. 13. Cenaduria La Tía Maricela Reyes
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  14. 14. Biblioteca Publica
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  15. 15. Frutas Y Verduras Cristy
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  16. 16. Miscelanea Lizzette
    Avenida 16 de Septiembre 207, Lieza, Santa María Mixtequilla
  17. 17. Miscelanea Gaby
    Santa María Mixtequilla
  18. 18. Abarrotes Celia
    Justo Sierra, Santa María Mixtequilla
  19. 19. Abarrotes Tenchita
    Calle Libertad 196, Lieza, Santa María Mixtequilla
  20. 20. Abarrotes Sube Y Baja
    Avenida 16 de Septiembre 202a, Lieza, Santa María Mixtequilla

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To make your trip a success, it is essential that you know the tourist information on the municipality of Santa María Mixtequilla, in this way, it will be easier to locate its surroundings, main, secondary, federal highways and toll, as well as rural roads and gaps.
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José Guadalupe dijo: 20 Jan 2012, 02:39
José Guadalupe
mi pueblito querido tiene muchos lugares que visitar pero los mas comunes son: La cantarilla, el canal, el canalito, el cerro, los Guanacastles, las pilas, el guiengola y muchos mas y las comidas mas recomendables son: la Mojarra, los Chacales, Las Empanadas, Las Garnachas, Las Tlayudas, etc. visiten este bonito lugar y no se arrepentiran saludos desde Gomez palacio Durango
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  ZIP Codes Populations
1 70755 Santa Maria Mixtequilla
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